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katha: 0.00

1 Decimal to Katha0.125
2 Decimal to Katha0.25
3 Decimal to Katha0.375
4 Decimal to Katha0.5
5 Decimal to Katha0.625
6 Decimal to Katha0.75
7 Decimal to Katha0.875
8 Decimal to Katha1
9 Decimal to Katha1.125
10 Decimal to Katha1.25
Understanding Land Measurement in Bihar: From Decimal to Katha

Bihar is a state in central India that is well-known for its agricultural legacy, culture, and history. The ancient way of measuring land in Bihar is one of its unique features, especially in rural areas where land is measured in units called katha. Let's explore the intriguing field of land measuring in Bihar today, with a particular emphasis on the conversion of decimal to katha.

Decimal to Katha converter
Decimal to Katha in Bihar

Land deals and farming operations in Bihar frequently center on the conversion of decimal to katha. However, what is a katha exactly? Traditional area measurements in Bihar and other regions of India, particularly in rural areas, are measured in kathas. This unit is crucial to comprehend, particularly if you're working with land in Bihar.

Understanding the Conversion

So, how can we translate from decimal to katha? Let us first define what a decimal is. When measuring land, a decimal represents an area equivalent to 100 square metres. A katha, on the other hand, is a measurement unit that is older and has a variable value depending on the location. One katha is roughly equal to 136.125 square metres or 1361.25 square feet in Bihar.

Calculate the conversion.

Let's break down the conversion procedure. If you have 10 decimals of land and wish to convert it to katha in Bihar, you need to perform the following:
1. Convert decimals to square meters: Since one decimal is equal to 100 square meters, 10 decimals would be equal to 1000 square meters.
2. Convert square meters to katha: To convert square meters to katha in Bihar, you need to divide the total square meters by the value of one katha. So, for 1000 square meters of land, the calculation would be:

Total Katha=

Value of One Katha

Total Square Meters

Total Katha=



Total Katha≈7.34

So, 10 decimals of land would be approximately 7.34 katha in Bihar.

Practical Implications

Comprehending the conversion from decimal to katha is essential for numerous land-related dealings in Bihar. The ability to convert between these units is crucial whether you're leasing property for farming, purchasing or selling land, or just surveying land for construction.
Furthermore, Bihar's traditional katha-based land-measuring system has cultural value. It symbolises the enduring bond between the people and the land they live on and is a part of the state's legacy.


The conversion of decimal to katha in Bihar is connected to custom, culture, and legacy rather than being only a quantitative computation. It becomes more and more crucial that we comprehend the meaning of these units as we work through the difficulties associated with measuring property in this area.
The decimal to katha conversion makes a significant connection between the past and present, whether you're a farmer tilling the land, a real estate developer planning new projects, or just someone interested in the rich tapestry of Bihar's heritage.

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